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Your AI solution
for the simplest

data management.

GenAI Transparency, Control, and Data Ownership

What is ProvenAI.?

ProvenAI transforms AI collaboration by empowering contributors with unprecedented control over their knowledge data through innovative traceability features, ensuring transparency and ownership in every contribution.

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Meet The Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals who are driving innovation and excellence – our passionate and diverse team.


Chris Sekas

Introducing Chris, our visionary Head of Software Engineering who has brought the gendox. idea to life with his innovative thinking and technical expertise.


Natalia Skarlatou

Meet Natalia, our AI Product Manager, who orchestrates the seamless integration of cutting-edge AI technologies into gendox., ensuring a user-centric and intelligent platform


Dimitra Karanatsiou

Meet Dimitra, our dedicated Head of Data Science, turning data into AI magic at gendox., with a crucial role in enhancing our platform's capabilities through data-driven insights and innovation.


Konstantina Leousi

Say hello to Konstantina, our talented UX Designer, who crafts intuitive and user-friendly experiences on gendox., making data management a breeze.


Yannis Yfantidis

Get to know Giannis, our dedicated Software Engineer, who brings gendox. to life with his coding wizardry and commitment to building a seamless platform

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